Dano and I are in love with these delicious artichoke hearts (ArtiHearts)… flavored in Herbal, BBQ, or Grilled! We would get our weekly supply at Jimbo’s… Naturally! when we lived in Encinitas. After moving to the Bay Area, I noticed that our local (Redwood City) Whole Foods did not carry them! This REALLY surprised me, as we live so much closer to the Monterey area now!

So, I called them up and Jane, the owner, was extremely nice and appreciative of me seeking out her product… she told me a few stores to try in our ‘new’ area… seems Palo Alto carries them… YAY!

Try to find them in your area… Check a Whole Foods or ask your Natural Grocer to carry them… You will not be disappointed! We use them in eggs, in salads (green salads or chicken salads), on our GF pizza, I even mix them with Chevre Cheese for a wonderful dip/spread!

SFONewb.wordpress.com | Posted by: elanbuendia | April 24, 2011