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Chef Butter FAQs

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Wrap the unused portion in its parchment paper sealing it with the sticker. Keep the the wrapped piece in its box. For best results store the box in the meat or dairy draw of your refrigerator. It keeps best in a low humidity environment.

Chef butter has a “Freeze-by” date printed on the ingredient list side of the box. You can keep it refrigerated until that date for a fresh and intensely flavored product or freeze it at any time before that date and keep it indefinitely.

Chef butter is good until there is visible mold on the butter. This will occur if it is kept in a very humid refrigerator or if it has gone way past its “freeze-by” date, (at least 2 months).

Yes. At any time you can put it in the freezer and it will keep its intense flavor. This is one of our most frequently asked FAQs.

Chef Butter rolls are 100g. When we talk of medallions in our recipes we mean cutting the roll into 7 rounds, each round equivalent to 1 tablespoon. Slather that on your warm baguette!

We ship 2 day all over the country in sustainable shipping containers.

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase we will refund your purchase in total. If you receive Chef Butter that has been damaged or did not arrive in acceptable condition, we will replace your order, free of charge.

Jane, Janet and their culinary team, create Chef Butter in “The Butter Room”, a temperature controlled, Primus Food Safety certified facility in Salinas, California.

Basil Garlic is our most popular flavor at this time. As our audience grows and becomes more adventurous, we think our more exotic butters will take over. I mean, Shiitake Ginger! It will change your life!

Chef Butter is made from unsalted, sweet cream butter, grade AA.

We use the freshest herbs, Serrano chilis, fresh squeezed lemons and limes and their zest, garlic, shallots, shiitake mushrooms, the list goes on. The only dried ingredients we use are red chili flakes and pure porcini mushroom powder for the Cabernet Porcini butter. All other ingredients are fresh, fresh, fresh!

French Herb is my go-to for fresh salmon and a white fish like sole or halibut. Basil Garlic for prawns, clams and mussels. Rockfish is amazing with Serrano Lime. Shiitake Ginger with seared ahi. But of course all of these are interchangeable, depending on your mood. Chef Butter allows you to be creative and your results will be delicious every time. Check our our recipes for lots of ideas.

This is where Chef Butter will change your life! Steam some fresh carrots and toss in a medallion of French Herb, it takes the lowly carrot to another level. Sauté fresh spinach in Roasted Shallot. Roast cauliflower and spice it up with Serrano Lime. Roast winter squash and finish with Shiitake Ginger. Sauté summer squash in Basil Garlic. No chopping of garlic, herbs or shallots. The flavor is in the butter!

Easy…..All of them! But, Cabernet Porcini is designed especially for your favorite steak. Grill a bone-in rib eye and slather it with this rich and earthy butter. You will not be disappointed. For the more mild and elegant filet, I would suggest French Herb with some potatoes sautéed in Roasted Shallot. For an umami burst of flavor, try Shiitake Ginger with flat iron or skirt steak.

Easy….All of them! Simply roasted pork tenderloin with Shiitake Ginger nestled between the slices. Whole roasted chicken with Roasted Shallot tucked under the breast skin. Braised pork shoulder seared in Serrano Lime. Sliced chicken breast with French Herb tucked between the slices. Chicken thighs and rice in the rice cooker with Shiitake Ginger. So many options. Check out our recipes for lots of ideas and pictures.

I would go with Cabernet Porcini, Roasted Shallot, and Shiitake Ginger for the red meats that are game. Duck breast seared medium rare with Cabernet Porcini slipped between the slices is 3 star. Roasted rack of lamb with Roasted Shallot slipped between the chops. Quail is divine with Shiitake Ginger and venison pares wonderfully with Cabernet Porcini. Rabbit, on the other hand is perfection braised with white wine, French Herb and a touch of crème fraîche.

Check the label. The ingredients are 100% fresh (with the exception of the porcini powder). The fat content in the butter helps to keep the fresh ingredients from deteriorating.

Porcini (Italian), cêpes (French), and king boletes are wild mushrooms that grow on the forest floor and have a symbiotic relationship with the roots of surrounding plants making them hard to cultivate. Prized by mushroom hunters and chefs, porcini mushrooms become available in late summer and fall. They are high in protein with a delicious meaty texture and flavor.

The combination of tarragon, parsley and chives (and sometimes chervil) is a classic mixture in many French recipes. The flavor brings me straight back to my days at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. We incorporated these herbs into egg dishes, cream sauces and fresh fish recipes. It is an elegant flavor that works perfectly with delicate proteins and vegetables. Whisk 3 eggs together with a Tbs of milk or cream and heat French Herb Chef Butter in a non stick skillet to make the best scrambled eggs ever.

ArtiHeart FAQs

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Monterey Farms artichoke hearts are a fresh refrigerated product. Our “ArtiHearts” are hand-trimmed from fresh artichokes from central coast of California then lightly steamed and season for a fresh taste. They are not mushy or briny, but tender yet crunchy.

No, our “ArtiHearts” are not Organic, however, we produce our products with all natural ingredients; Lighty steaming and seasoning them for the freshest taste possible

Yes, because they are a fresh product please keep refrigerated until you use them.

Monterey Farms artichoke hearts have a 3-month refrigerated shelf-life. The “BEST-BY” date is printed on the bottom on the front panel

Yes, you can freeze our products without any problems, however the texture will change and they will be slightly softer.

No, our artichoke hearts are packed in FDA approved pouches, manufactured with NO BPA chemicals.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical used primarily in the manufacture of polycarbonate (PC) plastics and epoxy resins. A product that is BPA-free is one that does not use the organic compound Bisphenol A in its construction.

Once you open the pouch of our artichoke hearts they are best eaten within 3 days’ time. We do not pack our artichoke hearts in excess oils or brine so they will need to be stored in an air tight container to prevent drying. If you would like, toss them lightly with olive oil to prevent the artichoke hearts from drying out.

Please take the time to contact us so we can replace the pouch with a fresh unopened pouch. You can contact us at info@montereyfarms.net . Please send a photo of your opened pouch with the date of purchase, the code printed at the bottom of the front panel, and the store where they were purchased.

Our products are 100% guaranteed. Please take the time to contact us regarding your shipment if they are warm to the touch. We will replace the order at our earliest convenience.