Country Bread Grilled Cheese with Monterey Farms Chef Butter

There are few things in this world better that a grilled cheese sandwich. The addition of Chef Butter takes it to another level. For the base you will need crusty, country style bread with a soft crumb (the inside of the bread), preferably sourdough, your favorite cheese and your favorite Chef Butter. The combinations are endless.
Keyword: Monterey Farms Chef Butter


  • Basil Garlic with Italian Fontina and a summertime tomato
  • Cabernet Porcini with Roquefort and fresh spinach
  • French Herb with fresh goat cheese and arugula
  • Roasted Shallot with French Comte and cured ham, such as Serrano or prosciutto
  • Serrano Lime with extra sharp cheddar and avocado


  • Prepare the sandwich: Slice your sourdough in half inch thick slices. Generously butter 2 pieces with the Chef Butter of your choice. Slice your choice cheese thinly and place it on top of the Chef Butter on both slices of the bread.
  • Place the other ingredients on one side and cover with the other piece of bread and cheese, cheese down. (The cheese will melt and lock the other ingredient inside.)
  • Heat a flat skillet over medium heat. Add a touch of olive oil and then the sandwich. Cook until the bread is toasted. Drizzle the up side with a touch of olive oil and carefully flip the whole sandwich over. Cover for a couple minutes so the cheese will melt.
  • Remove from the heat when the side is toasted and let cool slightly on a cutting board, maybe 5 minutes. (If you cut it too soon all the cheese will squish out when you cut it.) Cut it in half or quarters and enjoy!


Medium heat is key here. You want the bread to be nice and toasty, the cheese to be nice and melty, without scorching the bread. Watch it closely.